About Us

The Georgia Tech Club of Hong Kong strives to promote and develop Georgia Tech in Hong Kong, Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region. We serve as a hub for alumni relations, industry collaborations, career opportunities and student recruitment.

As a major international center for trading, finance, manufacturing, telecommunications and transportation in the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong possesses the rare and unique mix of Chinese and Western culture. Hong Kong’s free trade and open-market policies, low taxes and free flow of capital without exchange controls appeal very favorably to international businesses.

Hong Kong represents the world’s 8th largest trading entity and it has also been cited as the world’s FREEST economy for 24 straight years. (The Heritage Foundation’s Global Index of Economic Freedom 2018).

Hong Kong plays a vital role as the gateway to China and the crossroads for commerce with other booming Asian economies. The Georgia Tech Club of Hong Kong strives to not only contribute and give back to our Institute and alumni, but also to the public of Hong Kong and rest of Asia with our unique offerings of knowledge, technology and investments.